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Northrop Grumman

A studio in LA reached out for a concept for a section of a video they were working on for Northrop Grumman talking about sending data across the world.

They wanted to point out the need to send the data and keep it encrypted.

I went into X-Particles and rendered out some concepts with Octane.

Frame 1

Encryption is represented by glowing strands coming from outside these different cubes, and spheres in the center represent the data.

Frame 2

We cut close into one of the strands.

Frame 3

The data comes out of a small point in the world over the middle east.

Frame 4

The data and encryption will wrap around the globe and land in Washington DC, where it will cut back to live action footage.

Not sure if the concepts made it into production or not, but I animated the scenes to see how they might work.