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Lonely Islands

This is a personal project I took on for various reasons.

I really enjoy creating environments and places that might be awesome to go to one day. I also wanted to dial in animations, in regards to render times. I frequently find in 3D, many projects with smaller teams goes awry from the original designs, mainly due to render times and how things look animated.

This was an opportunity for me to design large scale scenes with animation in mind, and iterate between designing and animating to figure out the best solutions for both worlds.

With my setup, most of the scenes I was able to get down to under 10 minutes per frame, using Octane render with x1 2080 Ti and x2 1080 Ti’s.

I used Forester for the trees and grass, but everything else was just Cinema 4D and Octane.

Here are the initial renders, before I started messing with animation and what I could sacrifice for render times and what I couldn’t.

I chose some of my favorites and animated them. As you can see, some of them don’t look exactly like the designs, because as part of my goal for the project, I was able to figure out a lot about what Octane does and does not do well, and what to avoid when creating these types of environments if they are eventually going to be animated.