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Design Bootcamp

I wanted to up my design skills, so I enrolled in a 12-week design bootcamp run by School Of Motion. It is a very well put together, hardcore course lead by Mike Frederick, an Emmy-Award winning Designer & Art Director who has been working in the field of Motion Design for over 20 years. His roster of advertising and broadcast clients is massive.

Other than the foundations of design, Mike showed how he tackles projects and tough creative problems all the way from conception, the brief, and delivery. It was very valuable to hear and see Mike's thought process from the beginning, and see him go through mind mapping, gathering inspiration, brainstorming, and throwing ideas around. 

The course was project-based, so once Mike showed his approach with a particular project, it was the students turn to take a crack at it. I really wanted to dive deep, so I only used the assets that were needed (client's logo, fonts, etc.), and nothing else. Below are some of the boards I came up with.

This was the first project. A spec piece for FOX, for a new show called "Urban Style: Tokyo Throwdown"

We needed to come up with 4-6 design boards to show what the show open would look like. We were given names of the dancers, tons of stock footage of dancers to use, and the name of the show. Since this was the first project, I didn't want to stray TOO far from Mike's concept. Although my designs are different, the overall dynamics of the boards are similar to Mike's.

This was the second project. A spec piece for NASA. It was about a show for a future mission to mars, called Expedition 100. They had the font for the lock up, and wanted to show footage treatment, title cards, tune-in information, etc. Some words for the look and feel was "dangerous, awe-inspiring, cinematic."

What was provided was a rough :30 cut of audio, VO, video clips, and placeholders with text.

First, the course wanted us to present a couple different styles, with some reference images that we used to show where we got the inspiration from:


Then after some critique from the teachers assistant (Mine was Liam Clisham, an awesome dude and a great TA), we chose our favorite one and boarded out a full 6 shots:

This project was for a brand named "Diesel" and is for an EDM festival in Barcelona, and was to nail down a design direction and structure for a :30 commercial for the concert. We have to feature the 3 large acts, and end card, URL, dates, and location.

I really tried to show movement with these frames, because it is going to end up being a moving :30 piece. If you shuffle back and fourth between the frames you should really get a sense of movement.

This project was for a trailer for a horror film. The trailer was cut, but needed spiced up with some design. More specifically, the title and end card needed to be designed, and to match the treatment of the already color corrected footage of the film. These are 6 frames, the first three showing the title, transition, then footage...with the last 3 the other way around.

They said the film is a throwback to 1980’s horror movies like The Thing. It’s dark, creepy, and has an ominous tone throughout. The trailer GFX should reflect that.

Because I only wanted to use assets that were required, I only used the logo for the lock up. I went into Cinema 4D and rendered out some creepy, 3d looking creature-blob thing, then did some compositing in photoshop.

This project was for Converse, and they wanted a :05 logo reveal animation to use on the end of videos they publish online in places like social media, YouTube, and end of pre-roll ads. They had a tagline they wanted to use: Shoes are Boring. Wear Sneakers.

This was the 3D part of the course, where Mike went through his process of quickly grabbing elements in 3D and compositing it in Photoshop. Luckily I have a lot of experience with 3D, so I was able to push it farther.

I got a converse shoe from Turbosquid, and used deformers in Cinema 4D to animate it. I textured the shoe, text, and background, rendered out 4 frames, and spent a little time in Photoshop cleaning it up.