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I was working with Perspective Labs ( and their client Cisco was launching a campaign educating, offering products, etc. about staying secure.

The idea was to have cute monsters that represent malware getting into trouble.

Direction: Perspective Labs

Rigging: Josh Alan

Animation: Josh Alan

Rendering: Josh Alan

Sound: Josh Alan

Here are some of the stills from the final piece:

Models that were provided:

The skeletons I set up:

The controllers I set up using Cinema 4D's character object. Since these characters are not a standard biped shape, it took a decent amount of customization to get the rigs to behave how they should.

The deformations of the body:

The facial expressions I gave each character:

Because the sound effects were mostly analog, I used Adobe Audition to record and mix. I have a small studio that I used my own voice for the characters, and misc tools and screws for the effects.

I created two reverbs, one large for the VO, and a smaller one for the room effects. I pitched shifted the voices of the monsters, and for mastering I used a multi-band compressor and hard limiter, along with slight EQ.

I used Octane for rendering:

I used a few simple materials for the characters to match their already branded characters. The lighting was simple, with one main HDRI, an infinite orange floor with reflections enabled so you get that orange glow affecting the objects in the scene. 1000 samples (pathtracing) with two 1080ti's took about 10 seconds per frame.